Oscar Marquis is the Principal of the law firm, Oscar Marquis & Associates www.omarquislaw.com. He  has been engaged in the consumer reporting industry most of his  professional life and helped establish many of the policies and  practices followed by the industry. He was involved with all major  legislative and regulatory developments over the past 40 years that  impact consumer reporting. Oscar Marquis & Associates focuses on  Privacy and Consumer Reporting. Mr. Marquis also acts as an independent  consultant to the Privacy and Information Practice of Hunton &  Williams LLP. 



  • Oscar  Marquis is the former General Counsel of Trans Union, one of the three  nationwide consumer reporting agencies. He was at Trans Union for over  30 years. 
  • After  leaving Trans Union, he joined the law firm of Hunton & Williams  and helped establish its privacy practice. He was a Counsel at Hunton  & Williams from 2000 to 2003. 
  • Mr.  Marquis left Hunton & Williams to join the privacy practice of  Oldaker, Biden & Belair (later, Oldaker, Belair & Wittie) and  was a Partner from 2003 to 2010. 
  • Oldaker,  Belair & Wittie dissolved in 2010 and Mr. Marquis established the  law firm, Oscar Marquis & Associates. He now maintains a practice  focusing on Privacy and Consumer Reporting. 
  • He serves as an independent consultant to the Privacy and Information Practice of Hunton & Williams LLP.  



  • While  at Trans Union, he was involved in all legal, executive, legislative  and compliance matters involving Trans Union for over 20 years. 
  • Mr.  Marquis work with creditors, insurance companies, and other financial  institutions regarding their use of consumer reports and their  furnishing of information to consumer reporting agencies. 
  • While at Trans Union, he established a compliance department and a government affairs department. 
  • He was responsible for and oversaw Fair Credit Reporting Act and other litigation involving Trans Union. 
  • He helped develop forms and policies and procedures for the Trans Union consumer relations process. 
  • He  drafted the subscriber and other agreements in use by Trans Union many  of which are models for the industry and formed the basis for current  agreements current in use. 
  • Mr. Marquis participated in the development of credit scoring policy and legal compliance. 
  • He  consulted with the Federal Trade Commission and expert attorneys  throughout the country in preparing Fair Credit Reporting Act  interpretations. 
  • He  negotiated four agreements with the Federal Trade Commission and  several with groups of state Attorneys General involving various Fair  Credit Reporting Act compliance issues. 
  • He testified in Congress and many state legislatures about Fair Credit Reporting Act issues. 
  • Mr. Marquis appeared on Nightline, CNN and numerous radio programs discussing consumer reporting issues. 
  • He has engaged in international consumer reporting matters. 
  • Mr.  Marquis participated in the development of consumer reporting agencies  in Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Italy and numerous other international  locations. 
  • He worked with the Central Bank of Kenya in preparing a compliance and licensing regime for credit bureaus operating in Kenya. 
  • He  prepared and participated in a credit reporting training session for  the Central Bank of Nigeria, and prepared an operations manual. 
  • Mr.  Marquis prepared a legal and operational analysis of the credit  reporting system in Egypt and prepared and participated in a credit  reporting training session for the Central Bank of Egypt. 
  • He  frequently speaks at credit industry and trade association meetings  about Fair Credit Reporting Act and legislative issues affecting the  consumer reporting and credit industries. 
  • He has presented seminars to Congressional staffers about Fair Credit Reporting Act issues. 
  • Mr.  Marquis frequently meet with attorneys from the consumer reporting  agencies and the national trade association, Consumer Data Industry  Association, to discuss compliance issues, legislative strategy, and  Fair Credit Reporting Act interpretations. 
  • He have written numerous articles for industry publications about consumer reporting issues. 
  • Mr. Marquis speak and writes German.  


  • Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois: BA,  Economics  
  • University of Illinois, School of Law, Champaign, Illinois: JD
  • Harno Memorial Scholarship  


Member of the Illinois Bar  

Member of the Federal Reserve   Board Consumer Advisory Council,    2001-2003;   Chair of the Depository & Delivery  Systems Committee  

Board of Directors of MicroBilt Corporation (http://www.microbilt.com/)

Board of Directors of the Consumer Information Research Council (2001-2006)  

Board of Directors, Hand of Peace (http://www.hands-of-peace.org/)  2009-2015; Chair, 2011 



  • Mr. Marquis has made numerous presentations at the annual meetings of the Consumer Data Industry Association. 
  • Mr. Marquis testified on consumer reporting issues in Congress and numerous state legislatures. 
  • Mr. Marquis made numerous presentations at Trans Union annual meetings. 
  • Mr. Marquis appeared on Nightline, CNN and numerous radio programs. 

Ø Mr. Marquis has made presentations at programs sponsored by the following organizations:    

  • Community Association Institute 
  • Community Association Management  CAMfire Conference 
  • Community Financial Services Association of America 
  • Online Lenders Alliance 
  • ACA International 
  • University of Dayton, School of Law 
  • National Association of Professional Background Screeners 
  • American Conference Institute 
  • Privacy and American Business 
  • Practicing Law Institute 
  • Internet Legal Council 
  • Direct Marketing Association 
  • Merchants Research Council 
  • Credit Industry Research Council 
  • Collection and Recover Solutions 
  • ID Analytics 
  • MarketerNet 
  • Thompson Financial 
  • Lorman Education Services 
  • Background Investigator 
  • The Federalist Society 
  • Experian Law Conference 
  • First Advantage 
  • Debt Buyers 
  • MicroBilt Corporation