what we do

  • Oscar Marquis is an expert on the application of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the use of consumer information.  
  • Clients consist of companies engaged in the consumer information  business including consumer reporting agencies, employment screening  companies, collection agencies and other consumer or commercial  information users and suppliers. 
  • He helps companies with their privacy and fair information practices  including the development of company policies governing the use and  distribution of public and non-public data and the use of customer  information.  
  • Mr. Marquis provides advice regarding privacy, the proper use of  information, privacy policies and practices, and credit and credit  reporting compliance issues to organizations that use consumer  information and those that collect, maintain and sell consumer  information as well as commercial information. 
  • He has participated on behalf of clients with self regulatory  organizations, the representation of information services companies and  users of consumer information before various regulatory agencies, in  state and federal hearings on privacy topics and consumer reporting  issues, and the development and implementation of procedures for  compliance with laws such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the  Gramm-Leach-Bliley financial privacy regulations, the Fair Debt  Collection Practices Act and the EU Data Protection Directive.  
  • He has also worked with financial institutions in relation to their  compliance with state and federal credit and collection laws. 
  • He has provided expert testimony in numerous lawsuits at the federal and  state level regarding privacy issues, credit, credit and insurance  scoring, and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  
  • Mr. Marquis was retained by the Federal Trade Commission to provide expert testimony in an enforcement action.     


  • He is engaged in international consumer reporting matters. 
  • Mr. Marquis has given advice regarding compliance with the EU Data Directive, the Safe Harbor regime for data transfers and the EU General Data Protection Regulations. 
  • He participated in the development of consumer reporting agencies in  Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Italy and numerous other international  locations. 
  • He worked with the Central Bank of Kenya in preparing a compliance and licensing regime for credit bureaus operating in Kenya. 
  • He prepared and participated in a credit reporting training session for  the Central Bank of Nigeria, and prepared an operations manual. 
  • Mr. Marquis prepared a legal and operational analysis of the credit  reporting system in Egypt and prepared and participated in a credit  reporting training session for the Central Bank of Egypt